6 Tips For Better Skin

If youre like me, you have probably at some point wished that you could just snap your fingers and clear your skin up. Although I dont have a secret one step solution to skin care, I have compiled a list of my favorite tips to improving skin health.

Get more sleep!

This one is probably the easiest tip to better skin. Lack of sleep affects many aspects of normal day to day life and one of those is your skin. Besides reduced stress and the long list of benefits that come from proper sleep, better skin is a big benefit of proper sleep. When you sleep your body rejuvenates itself and your skin is no exception. Lack of sleep and broken up sleep have a direct effect on your complexion. Some effects of improper sleep are dull or dry skin which is evident when there is a lack of proper sleep.

Get off your stomach and sides!

This tip goes hand and hand with the first tip, a lot of your wrinkles can come in your sleep. Just like if you maintain the same facial expression for a long period of time, sleeping in certain positions may cause wrinkles. Laying on your side or stomach may cause your face to make contact with the pillow in a way that could cause wrinkles. Although this isnt a result you will see after one night of sleeping on your side, overtime you may gain wrinkles as a result of your sleeping position. Our friends at Leah’s Fitness also have some great tips for taking care of your skin.

Stop using weak or expired Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial to overall skin health. Using a weak or expired sunscreen may leave your skin exposed and vulnerable to the suns harsh rays. The average Sunscreens shelf life is three years. Once a sunscreen has expired its ingredients separate and it becomes less effective. If you dont know the age of your sunscreen play it safe and get a fresh tube of sunscreen.

Start eating healthier

Many people dont understand but what you eat has a huge effect on your skin. Drinking a ton of soda and junk food doesnt only damage your health but it also robs you of that radiant skin that youre after. When you eat healthy you get appropriate nutrients which have direct effect on your overall skin health.

Stop Exercising with make up on

I totally understand this one. Nobody likes going anywhere not feeling like they look good, but this is crucial. When exercising your pores open and allow your makeup to clog the pores of your skin. When working out you also use your hand to wipe away sweat from your face which will definitely not help your overall skin health. If you cant, go to the gym without makeup at least use a non-comedogenic tinted moisturizer.

Avoid touching your face

What you probably dont know is that just touching your face is bad for your skin. Your hands accumulate a lot of bacteria, dirt, and grime throughout the day. When you touch your skin with this bacterium you transfer it from your hands. Once this dirt and bacteria hit your skin they clog your pores and can cause breakouts. Sometimes you just cant avoid touching your skin but if you can you will be able to reduce the risk of breakouts.

Although there are many tips and tricks to better skin these are just a few. I hope that these tips for better skin help you in your journey towards healthier skin!