Better Physique Or Looking To Burn Calories

It Boosts Confidence and Improves mental health!
Most women go to the gym due to they are either stressed or depressed. They do tons of cardio to rid themselves of unwanted worrying but lifting weights is a far more better option when looking to fight depression, stress or emotional instability. Researches have provided proof and facts consistently as to why those who regularly lift weights are better at handling depression, stress or emotional instability along with any such situation.


Better Curves
As you start to build muscles your body starts to change and your curves become more prominent. Before you know it you will end up with a beautiful hour glass figure without any bulks. Most women do countless hours of cardio and tire themselves out but in reality all they accomplish is slowing down their metabolic rate. Using strength exercises such as lifting is a great way to form curves while developing lean muscles to increase the metabolic rate.

Burn More Calories
What better way to develop lean muscles than to weight lift? Exactly, there is no better workout to develop lean muscles better than lifting. From a single squat to a whole workout session the amount of calories burned varies but the more lean muscles you have the more they burn. The more muscles contraction you have the more the calories burn, likewise the more muscular mass you have the more calories burned. This also makes your body more efficient in burning fat when youre not hitting the gym.

More Energy
Its no surprise that you feel completely exhausted after a good day of weight lifting exercises. But this increases the overall activity of the body and raises its daily energy resulting an increase in energy after a while of the lifting session. A study published by the National Institute of Health suggests that the chronic increase in energy expenditure, even after a minimal resistance training session, may favorably effect energy balance and fat oxidation.

Stronger Bones
Its no surprise that as women age their bones start to become weaker. As you start losing muscle and bone mass this process is known as Osteoporosis and effects each women as they age, this especially effects postmenopausal women since the body no longer discharges estrogen. You guessed it, lifting exercises are a great way to counter reducing bone mass and decrease the risk of Osteoporosis among all ages.

So whenever you find yourself deciding between whether to lift weights or do cardio, lift weights!

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