Dental Implants Are Not Cheap, But Are Not Over Priced Either

Dental implants first came on the scene in the early eighties. Before implants, a person suffering from missing teeth had two choices to replace those teeth with. There was the bridge and crown, which could be used to replace one tooth, or even two teeth; but when you had more than two missing teeth, then you probably had to have dentures created.

A bridge and crown is actually a great choice when replacing a tooth. The problem that arises with this procedure is that the dentist has to destroy a healthy tooth; in order to replace your missing tooth. Why? Because the missing tooth is attached to the crown being cemented onto the nub of the health tooth. The healthy tooth is ground down, so the crown can get cemented on top. Without that foundation, there’s nothing to set the crown on.

Dentures on the other hand, are not fixed into place; especially the lower jaw dentures. Upper jaw dentures tend to stick in place better, but even those tend to shift from time to time. Dentures were a great option at one point in time, and that was because all people had to work with. Today’s denture implant do not slip, slide, or shift. Because they are fixed i place, it also makes getting used to speak, and eat, with them a lot easier than it was in the past. Today, dentures are used with implants to create a much better result for patient.

Traditional implants will cost between $3,000 to $5,000 a piece. Dentures that are implanted are going to cost much more, but even still – can you truly put a price tag on having a smile you can feel proud of? Some people will say yes, but the truth is most people will be willing to pay a bunch to be able to smile with confidence – and they do; which is why cosmetic dentistry is a booming business today.

Cutting-edge technology now allows dentists to perform implant surgery faster, with little, to no complications. If you are in the city of Pittsburgh, and are in the market for implants, or just contemplating whether to have the surgery done, then look up, “affordable dental implants pittsburgh pa,” in one of the major search engines; and look up the Tooth Implant Pros of Pittsburgh to schedule a time for a free oral examination; as well as a complimentary consultation, to discuss what options are available to you.