Great Beauty Products For Ten Dollars Or Less

Learn how to find excellent beauty products like natural mineral makeup and skin spa treatments for less than ten dollars.

If you can afford it you should get a salon beauty treatment such as those offered by, but if not, realise that high-quality cosmetics and skin care do not have to come at a high price. Many drug store cosmetics and skin products are just as effective as the higher-priced department store brands. By paying attention to key ingredients and product details, consumers can find great beauty products and save money.

Facial Cleansers, Skin Care Treatments and Moisturizers

Low-cost alternatives to expensive skincare can still provide many of the same benefits, such as natural ingredients and skin-nourishing antioxidants. Affordable products such as face washes, masks and moisturizers can help to improve the look and texture of skin without breaking the bank. Consumers can find these highly-effective beauty treatments just by spending a little more time reading the product ingredients rather than paying attention to brand names.

Basis Cleaner Clean Face Wash – This oil-free and soap-free face wash provides a gentle facial cleanser with botanical extracts to refresh and calm skin. The gel cleanser contains aloe and lavender extracts to soothe skin and mint and lemongrass extracts to invigorate skin. For just under six dollars, this cleanser is a dependable product well-worth the price.

Freeman Good Stuff Organics Facial Mask – This spa-quality mask contains pumpkin enzymes that naturally remove dead skin from the face. Along with pumpkin the mask uses vitamin C to restore skin cells and organic cocoa butter to moisturize. The product also includes organic apple and chamomile extracts to condition and calm skin. For around nine dollars, this product provides similar skin-enriching nutrients and antioxidants of the higher-priced spa treatments.

Jergens Natural-Glow Face Moisturizer – This oil-free moisturizer provides a subtle self-tanner that gradually tans skin with continued use. The non-greasy moisturizer works well as a makeup primer and helps to condition skin to make it look healthier and more radiant. The product takes around one week to create a full tanned look on skin. At just under eight dollars, this moisturizer is a double-duty product keeping skin soft and providing a subtle sunless glow.

Natural Mineral Makeup and Cosmetic Products

Makeup products such as natural mineral foundations and eye shadows can be found for affordable prices at any local drug store. Consumers do not have to sacrifice quality when looking for low-cost cosmetics. With attention to each product’s benefits, shoppers can find fantastic facial makeup products for low prices.

Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation – This foundation uses natural minerals to cover and enhance the look of skin. The mineral powder is applied using an accompanying kabuki brush that helps blend the product seamlessly into skin. Though this product is less than nine dollars, it provides natural ingredients without oils, preservatives, talc or added fragrance. The product provides the same ingredients and benefits as higher-priced mineral makeup without the high price tag.

Physician’s Formula Eyebrightener – This eye makeup product is one that every woman should have in her makeup bag. This product brightens eyes and creates a fresh look in a hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free formula. The multi-colored powder is combined and applied to the eyelid using a small eye brush. It helps to gently brighten the lid of the eye, making eyes look wider and more alert. For just under eight dollars, this versatile eye powder will go a long way and work with many other eye-makeup products.

Affordable Cosmetics and Beauty Products can Improve Skin

Whether shopping for facial cleansers or cosmetic foundations, great products can be found at any local drug store. No one needs to spend over ten dollars for common beauty and skin care treatments. By examining ingredients in each product, consumers can find products that will save money and improve the look of skin.