The Human Growth Hormone Slows Down The Effects Of Aging

At my clinics in London I offer all sorts of anti ageing treatments, including chemical peels, lip fillers to get a plumper mouth, botox and I also sell advanced anti ageing products. In this article we will discuss HGH and the effect it has on ageing.

The growth hormone is called the master hormone of the body. It plays a pivotal role in the growth, development and metabolic activities of the entire body-system. It also regulates and controls the production of other hormones from various endocrine glands. The synthesis and release of the hormone from the pituitary is high during the childhood and adolescent phases. However, its production starts diminishing after the age of 30 years. Consequently, the effects of aging become apparent.

Human growth hormone promises to boost energy levels, enhance the defense and immune mechanisms of the body, rev up metabolism, increase stamina and endurance, facilitate weight reduction and build lean muscle mass.

The Role of Arginine in the Promotion of Growth Hormone Secretion

Arginine is an important amino acid that has several important functions to carry out. It detoxifies the body, augments immune functioning, speeds up healing and increases the release of the human growth hormone. Of all the uses of the amino acid arginine, encouraging the secretion of human growth hormone is a highly important function.

The actuality that arginine enhances the growth hormone output is well accepted. In fact, measuring the human growth hormone level in the blood, after the administration of the amino acid intravenously, is used to analyze whether the child or adult is secreting adequate amounts of the growth hormone and whether he is suffering from a deficiency of the hormone.

Foods that Supply Amino Acid Arginine

Foods that provide generous amounts of the amino acid are peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, seeds, beans, chickpeas and chocolate. Stepping up the daily intake of these foods will boost the secretion and release of the human growth hormone.

Also, physicians and nutritionists recommend arginine supplementation to help keep off the undesirable and harsh effects of aging.

Benefits of Enhancing the Diet with Arginine

Benefits of arginine include:

Medical benefits: staving off of cardiovascular diseases such as, atherosclerosis, hypertension, angina and congestive cardiac failure, (the amino acid gets converted into nitric oxide, a chemical that allows the blood vessels to relax and prevents platelet clumping, thus checking heart diseases) prevention of urinary disorders, treating male infertility and boosting human growth hormone production and insulin synthesis.

Cosmetic benefits: delaying the signs of aging, diminution of wrinkles, improved skin texture and suppleness, reduced hair loss and general well being.

Arginine supplementation offers several significant health benefits. Detoxification, rapid wound healing, revved up immunity, prevention of cardiac disorders, all help decelerate the onslaught of aging.