Treating & Appreciating Yourself in your Weight Loss Journey

In this cruel world of double standards, being heavy is frowned upon by the society. Many people have low self-esteem due to the society’s perception of them as an individual and their beauty. I dare say beauty is not dependent on size, rather on your confidence, if you are confident before weight loss, the same glow will show whether you lose or not. It is important to appreciate yourself in this journey as a way to appreciate, motive and raise your spirits.

As you begin your weight loss journey, you may be thinking of the ways to treat yourself, so you stay motivated and inspired to continue losing. Even though you may see your clothes fitting better than they have in years, it is still always nice to have the occasional reward for your hard-earned work that you have put in. Penn State researchers found in a recent study that the best way to lose weight and stay motivated is by having little rewards.

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Motivating yourself with little rewards is one of the best ways to keep going in the intense weight loss journey. So smile and get that massage, Mani- Pedi, or anything else you fancy.


  • Massage

A massage can be invigorating, relaxing, healing or sensual, depending on the atmosphere, the type of massage and the oils.

Massage has been used for many hundreds of years in cultures around the world, from the traditional Lomi massage of Hawaii to the Abhyanga massage of the holistic Ayurvedic system. Whether it is used to offer relief from a sports injury, or to enhance sexual pleasure, the combination of direct skin contact and the use of massage oils can have a powerful effect on your mood and senses.

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  • Reward yourself with a makeover

As you reach mini weight loss goals, you should schedule a makeover at your favorite beauty counter and even purchase a lipstick and a liner or another cosmetic while you are at it. This tops my ways to treat yourself because it is a nonfood r. Shop for a new workout outfit.

As you lose weight set mini goals, like every five pounds of weight lost, reward yourself with a sports top or shorts. This small reward will keep you motivated to #exercise with fashion and style!

  • Flowers

There is nothing that brightens a day more than fresh flowers. Who cares if you are buying them for yourself? If you have something special to celebrate like your weight loss, celebrate with your favorite flowers. These flowers can remind you for at least a week that you have hit a new weight loss milestone.

  • Manicure and Pedicure

Now that you have reached your twenty-pound weight loss goal, it is time to relax to have a manicure and pedicure day! Schedule some #time with your friends to join so you can have a girls’ day out, and reward yourself for your hard work losing weight and reaching your mini goal.

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