Wearing Natural Organic Makeup For Healthy Skin

Natural cosmetics are free of unhealthy additives that can irritate sensitive skin. Learn about organic makeup brands and their benefits.

If you shop for organic produce, use earth-friendly cleaning products, and wear organic cotton clothing, you might think youre doing all you need to do to keep harmful chemicals out of your system. However, you must not overlook your skin, the largest organ in your body. Wearing organic makeup is one additional healthy step women can take to reduce their exposure to toxins.

What’s Missing in Natural Organic Makeup?

The harmful effects of chemicals in makeup are small, when you consider one application. However, many women wear makeup every day, so wearers must be concerned with the cumulative effects of such toxic ingredients as formaldehyde, hydroquinone, mercury, and petroleum based distillates.

The UK takes a hands-off approach when it comes to regulating the health of the ingredients used in cosmetics. For example, parabens, widely used in cosmetics, can act as hormone disrupting agents. Simply looking for the word natural on your makeup isnt sufficient, as manufacturers can use this term freely without adhering to any industry guidelines.

Organic Makeup Requirements

When you switch to organic makeup, look for products certified by the USDAs National Organic Program. This program uses the same well-established guidelines that apply to certified organic food. For example, if a cosmetics manufacturer wants to claim that their product is 100% organic, the product must contain only 100% organically produced ingredients. If the manufacturer simply states that the product is organic, then at least 95% of the product must contain organically produced ingredients.

As an alternative to the USDA organic seal, you can look for approval from non-U.S. regulatory bodies. For example, Australia offers an Organic Food Chain certification for cosmetics, which mandates that 95% of the ingredients must come from organic sources. Frances Ecocert program has similar mandates. In Germany, cosmetics approved by BDIH must not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes, petroleum products like paraffin, or silicones.

Organic Makeup Brands

Although the availability of organic makeup is still limited, several manufacturers have stepped up to fill the void. You can find Dr. Hauschkas plant-based makeup line in Whole Foods Markets. Physicians Formula has an organic makeup line increasingly offered by drugstores. Finally, Australia has begun to make its Nvey Eco cosmetics available in upscale department stores.

The next time you carelessly lick the lipstick from your lips, or notice your facial powder gathering in the creases in your skin, dont worry about what chemicals are making their way into your body. Choose organic makeup, and increase your health and the health of the earth.

Another approach is to consider cosmetic tattooing. Although costly, the makeup lasts for years, and completely eradicates the need for harmful cosmetics.