Why Being Heavy does not mean Unhealthy

Each society determines its rules and preferences. The problem is that these choices may lead to grave assumptions and misconceptions. One of the main misconceptions is that a heavy person is unhealthy and fit.

In the face of such overwhelming momentum, this widespread stigma is rarely challenged, but research suggests we’ve been too narrow-minded with our views on weight. Contrary to popular belief, being fat in and of itself may not be unhealthy. In fact, it might even offer health benefits—“fat” and “health” aren’t necessarily correlated in the ways we’ve all been led to believe. Read on to learn why it’s time to take a new perspective on weight.

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The misconception that being heavy means you’re unhealthy has been put to question by some studies conducted over the years. It is possible to be heavy and larger but still be fit as some plus size models, yoga instructors, and dancers have taken it upon themselves to show the world.

Recent research suggests that being overweight or even obese may not, in and of itself, be the health threat we think it is. A 2012 study by the National Cancer Institute found that moderately obese people lived about 3.1 years longer than normal-weight women and men. Another study, published in the European Heart Journal, showed that when obese people are metabolically healthy — which means their blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and other indicators fall within a healthy range — they are at no greater risk of dying from heart disease or cancer than those who are of average weight.

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The relationship between weight and being healthy was flawed from the beginning as it was based on societal preferences rather than real scientific inquisitions. The bottom line is that fat has benefits, but too much of it can be problematic. People have spent so much on surgery and fat loss programs due to the misconceptions. Fat is n important component in the body; it has broad benefits.

Insulation: Okay, you may have already guessed this one: Fat is important in insulating our bodies. It is vital in helping regulate our body temperature, protecting us from extreme cold and heat.

Body Function: Body fat is crucial to your body functioning normally and healthy.

Vitamin Absorption: Fat is a transporter of fat-soluble vitamins A-D-E-K. Without some body fat, you can end up with vitamin deficiencies, which can cause disease.

Personal Shock Absorbers: Fat is your body’s natural cushioning mechanism. It surrounds and protects vital organs and keeps joints cushioned as well. Even athletes need body fat to protect their bodies from potential injury while competing and training.

Cell Structure, Beauty, and Aging: Fat is part of the structure of our cells. It is also crucial in maintaining skin, hair and nail health. Further, although I’m the first to admit that having lean, toned muscles is beautiful, having NO softness to those muscles can be just as unattractive as flabby arms. A healthy body fat will keep you from looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger during his bodybuilding era.

Fertility: Body fat helps to ensure the production of hormones, including sex hormones. Women, specifically, who have very little body fat tend to have low estrogen levels and as a result, stop menstruating.

Energy and Sickness: Having a healthy level of body fat is important in warding off illness or chronic fatigue. Further, energy levels can be disrupted or lowered because of too little body fat.

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It Boosts Your Sex Drive

“When your body fat percentage is too low, your sex drive has a tendency to plummet,” explains Jessi Kneeland, a trainer at Peak Performance Gym in New York City. Too much body fat can also put a damper on libido (and body confidence), Kneeland notes. For women, the American College of Sports Medicine says anything from 20 percent to 32 percent is considered satisfactory for good health though depending on how fit you are; you can dip down as low as 12 percent.

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