The Best Treadmill Workouts You Should Try Doing

Whether you belong to a gym or own a treadmill or plan on buying one, there are a few workouts you’ll want to give a try. With so many different treadmill workouts you can do, knowing what a few of the best ones is helpful. With that said, below are the best treadmill workouts worth trying.

Incline Workout

The first workout you can try is the incline workout. As the name suggests, your workout will consist of using the incline. One workout you can do is to walk on an incline for 30 minutes straight. Walk at a fast pace, and make sure the incline is at the max.

Another incline workout you can try us to gradually increase the incline. Every 1-2 minutes, increase the incline. Once you can’t adjust the incline anymore, keep on walking at a moderate pace. This entire workout should be done in about 30 minutes.

Incline workouts are beneficial because you’ll burn a ton of fat within a short period of time. You’ll tone up quickly and you’ll lose weight. Incline treadmill workouts are also ideal for those looking to build up their leg muscles.

Alternate Between Incline

With this workout, you’ll alternate between incline and normal. Start off with the treadmill at a normal position and walk fast for about five minutes before adjusting the incline to the highest it will go. Walk for another five minutes before adjusting the treadmill back to its normal position. Repeat this for the next hour.

If you wish, feel free to alternate between three. This means every five minutes you can go from walking at a normal position before walking mid-include and then full incline. Whether you alternate between two or three levels, one thing is for sure and that is you’ll feel the burn after doing this workout.

The Run/Walk/Jog Workout

This is another workout you need to do. Start off by walking for a minute or two before switching to a light jog, and then run for another minute or two before going back to walking. Alternate between walking, jogging and running via 1-3 minute intervals.

This workout will get you toned up very fast. For the best results, do it at least 3-4 times per week. Since it is an intense workout, feel free to keep sessions no longer than 20-30 minutes.

Basic Workout

The last workout is a basic workout. Just get on the treadmill and walk at a moderate pace for a good hour or hour & a half. Ideally, you want to push for at least 90 minutes, but if this isn’t possible, then an hour is acceptable. If you do a basic workout daily or every other day, then eventually your tolerance for exercising on the treadmill will improve.
These workouts are great if you have a home treadmill. If you donĂ­t know what type of fitness equipment you need check out this article by Yeg Fitness to see what equipment you need to get started training at home.

Feel free to give the above treadmill workouts a try today. Do one for a week or two straight before moving onto another one for an additional week or two. If you keep following that pattern, then you’ll get results a lot sooner rather than later.